“Our mission is to educate kids about lizards, tell you cool facts and help you pick the best lizard for you!”


Some of Our Friends

Here we have our jackson chameleon, Shrek

Shrek loves to have serious stare down contests and always manages to cheat his way to win! Shrek also loves crickets.

This is our bumblebee ball python, Sarah

Her exquisite taste for yummy pup rats makes her a great rodent exterminator!

Our pacman frog "Pacman"

He gets his name from his notorious appetite.

Our bearded dragon "Spike"

He enjoys long naps and bobs frequently for world domination.

Our crested gecko "Yoshi"

He jumps for joy every time he sees us. Just look at that smile!

Our female gargoyle gecko Delta

She loves to bark for attention.

Our green iguana "Lou"

He likes to wip his tail now and then to remind you of social distancing.