About Us

Ulysses Encinas

Title: Future Vet and program director CEO

Hello my name is Ulysses Encinas I’m 13years old the oldest of 3 my brothers have also grown to love lizards. My interest in lizards started about a 2half year ago and has gotten even bigger this year. I started with one lizards then quickly escalated to now 30!
I decided to open this small little museum for kids my age to come an experience, hold , and learn how it would be to own a lizard before they decide to commit .

Nicholas Encinas

Title: Maintenance and health Dept

Hello! My name is Nicholas I’m 12 years old and I am in charge of the maintenance department . My job is to make sure the lizards habitat is clean and healthy for them to be in I like what I do my favorite part is holding the snakes and seeing them eat.

Jayden Encinas

Title : Marketing Dept and the fun dept

Hi, my name is Jayden I’m 6 years old my job is to pass out business cards and hold the lizards for shows. My favorite lizard is Pedro because he is mine he is a skink.